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Moldowan v. Sears (Sonoma, CA)
Class action alleging novel and complex claims of unpaid wages, seeking meal and rest break penalties, interest and penalties under Califrornia law. Settled in 2009 for a gross amount of $34 million dollars, plus an injunction was entered against Sears prohibiting the deductions which Plaintiff claimed were illegal under California Lab. Code 224 and 221. The illegal practice was valued by Sears as saving the company between 1 and 1.4 million annually in wages, now in the hands of their employees in California.

Workers Win $25 Million Settlement From Rite Aid (San Diego Sup. Ct.)
LA Daily Journal : June 25, 2001
SAN DIEGO - From the beginning, it was a contest of stamina-increasing the surprise when a tiny San Diego law office outlasted an international firm with 1,000 lawyers to gain a record-setting settlement of overtime claims for California employees of Rite Aid Corp...

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Brown v. RLLW Inc., (Pizza Hut) where we represent hundreds of employees who have been allegedly misclassified as salaried managers, a case worth potentially millions of dollars in unpaid overtime. Pizza Hut is a fast food chain/restaurant delivering hundreds of thousands of pizzas each day. Settled for 1.1 million.

Aldey v. K-B Toys (Los Angeles Sup. Ct, CA) where we represent hundreds if not thousands of employees who have allegedly not been paid for meal and rest breaks and have been misclassified and are entitled to millions in unpaid overtime and penalties. KB Toys is a discount toy store outlet with hundreds of stores in California alone. Settled for 4.8 million.
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