After reaching out to lawyers on-line and via voice messages without a single response, I was very discouraged. Then a friend recommended John. He returned my message in minutes even though he was busy, and I would be a small client. This set the tone for the whole relationship. He took the time to completely go over my situation and explain in detail the process. I was amazed at how he kept me informed in a timely manner almost every day. No matter the time of day or my question he always called me back right away. Not only did he save me time and money, but I was able to go to sleep knowing he was handling my situation.

I highly recommend John for your legal needs.

B. Furbush

If you are looking for an attorney with plenty of experience in handling difficult cases,Mr. John Martin, Esq. is your best candidate.

John Martin persevered and won one of the most difficult cases when he fought against Sears Roebuck & Co. for the rights of myself and thousands of co-workers. The case involved years of investigative and collective work by Mr. Martin that included collecting information from the thousands of co-workers through discovery, and depositions. With due diligence, wisdom and innovative and creative lawyering, Mr. Martin prevailed in a case that set laws and standards within the work industry for tens of thousands of employees and collected and distributed compensatory damages to thousands of class members.

Mr. Martin is a solid choice when it comes to finding an attorney that will lead a case with determination, detail, focus and above all, in the best interest of his client(s). He will always be my first call should I need legal assistance for employment law or civil litigation. Besides being an intelligent and sharp-witted adversary for any defense counsel to contend against, he also always puts his clients first and foremost.

J. Moldowan

JPM What can I say about Mr. John Paul Martin that hasn't already been said. This man is a great lawyer and even more than that he is a great human being! I came to know John during a case where he was the lawyer for the class and I was one of the reps. John didn't just care about the case he cared about me as a human being. He would call me just to chat about whatever. How many lawyers let alone friends do that. We still talk to this day.

Eddie Alvarado

We retained Mr. Martin's services in connection with employee related issues, and we needed someone to advise us to prevent such incidents occurring within our company. Mr. Martin's professionalism, candor, and research was greatly appreciated, and we were able to resolve our issues with his assistance, and to minimize the risk further incidents will occur. We are very appreciative of John's legal guidance, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for his professional services.

J. Servin

General Manager Imperial PreMix/DEF Products

John represented me with very favorable results in two employment cases: one wrongful termination and one for discrimination. John is an expert in employment law and brilliant in his thinking about a case. He has an amazing ability to craft profound arguments for a case and is so creative in finding flaws in the arguments he is presented with. What I appreciate most about John, aside from getting favorable results, is that he cares about his clients and is dedicated to helping those who have been wronged.

Jonelle G.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr. John Paul Martin for your legal representation needs. I have had the pleasure of knowing John for the past 20 years. John represents his clients with meticulous detail and professionalism. He puts forth an impeccable work ethic, keen courtroom presence, coupled with his skills as a strong constitutional litigator. John holds a very deep sense of personnel responsibility to his clients. He represented me in a very complex constitutional case, of due process, in Federal Court. He won the case handily in what can only be categorized as a David vs. Goliath case. John kept me fully informed, throughout the entire process, even on the most intricate of details. It is John's level of personal commitment to his clients and strong professional attention to detail that allow me to highly recommend John for your legal representation needs.

Mark P. Christianson

Ret. United States Army Special Forces

I highly recommend John P. Martin to represent you. John's representation in my case was OUTSTANDING. John lived my case and worked extremely hard on making sure justice was served. John is very knowledgeable of the law, is very creative and is a man of integrity. John will fight for you to the fullest.

J. Barney

I retained John P Martin twice for important legal matters, and John cared deeply about my cases, and I was happy about the results from both. I would not hesitate to recommend John, he knows his facts and law, and I still call him A.A.T.L. (Awesome Attorney At Law). In my opinion, this moniker is truly earned.

F. Wright