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At John P. Martin, Attorney at Law, we know that the "little people" do not feel they have a voice or to make a difference. The legal system can be frustrating or confusing, or you may feel that your case is small, even if lots of people fit into your category of problem. Class Action cases include, but are not limited to defective tires, employment corporate wide discrimination practices, use of the same drug which is proven to have harmful effects, or identical contracts issued to lots of people. If this is the type of case you have, our class action services are the best way to help you, and others who have a similar problems.

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A class action allows groups of people, even those with small financial claims, who have a common grievance or have suffered a common violation of the law, to file one lawsuit to represent everyone similarly situated. A lot of people can be helped with this legal device, even if their individual claims may be relatively small, from pennies to a few thousand dollars.


  1. A common question of fact OR law (everyone has a similar issue or applies an identical law common to the situation or persons similarly situated, but NOT necessarily identical. Damages may well vary from person to person.)

  2. Adequate class representative: YOUR claim would need to be typical of every person who was similarly situated;

    For example: both you and everyone you represent in your suit took the same treatment, such as Fen-Phen, which caused harm.

You don't have to be the best representative, only that your claim is typical and you are willing to "go to bat" for your claim and those of your class. You should also be honest and have good character, as you may represent a lot of other people.

The law firm must also be adequate to prosecute the case. At John P. Martin, Attorney at Law, we have made these cases a top priority and have successfully resolved them. Our most recent example is Albrecht v. Rite Aid, an employment law class action where we successfully represented thousands of employees resulting in a $25 million dollar settlement, one of the largest employment law class action settlements in California at the time. See Article for details.

  1. Numerousity: The claims are so numerous as to make pursuing individual claims unrealistic. Court has ruled that as few as 20 people satisfy this requirement. In our cases, we have represented hundreds (RLLW), to literally thousands of wage and hour victims in Albrecht v. Rite Aid, a case that settled for $25 million dollars.

At John P Martin, Attorney at Law, we strive to make a difference. We want to go to bat for you. We want to help. Call us. You can make a difference. We will give you prompt personal attention to determine whether we can help you.

The statements on this web site are for information purposes only and not to be construed as a promise or guarantee of any type on the outcome of your particular case and is NOT legal advice. A statute of limitations may apply to your potential claim. This web site does not create an attorney client relationship. This firm limits its practice of law to the State of California. Individual results can and do vary from case to case.

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