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I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your fine representation on my case. As you know, I researched California attorneys on the Internet and was impressed by your web page before retaining you. During our initial phone conversation you gave me a lot of advice, without any pressure to retain you. Although I am located in Wisconsin, and had never met you, I was pleased that you took such an interest in my situation and I was also satisfied with the outcome. I believe I could not find anyone better to handle my case from afar. You always kept me advised of the status of my case and I would certainly recommend you and your firm.

Jerry Brzycki

You acted quickly when I came to you with my complaint. You discovered that Rite Aid violated several California wage and hour laws. You visited many of the key plaintiffs in San Diego County often driving as far as Hemet, CA. Your valiant efforts continued to provide the needed discovery which led to a dynamic settlement in record time. Your efforts in this endeavor forced them to comply with state employment laws, this improving the quality of life for its employees. I extend to you my personal thanks and sincere appreciation for a job well done.

Ross I. Crespy

When I first called you, I was in a terrible situation. My ex-wife had a judgment against me for over $64,000 in child support and alimony in arrears. Even though the court originally favored her position, you aggressively took immediate action to stop the wage assignment and remove the lien on my assets. What was even more important, you aggressively presented evidence to prove that I did not owe her any arrears and further persuaded the court to grant me $3,000 in sanctions for attorney fees. I am very pleased with the outcome of this case and would recommend your services to anyone with a situation that requires a quick-witted, aggressive attorney.

Thanks for saving me from paying over $64,000 in unjustifiable support, lifting the lien on my assets, and convincing the court to grant me $3,000.

William Jeffers


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