What Is My Term of Employment?

applicant holding employment agreement, considering work termsBefore you accept any job, you should be sure to understand your term of employment. These terms include your responsibilities and the benefits of your employment. By accepting a job, you agree to these terms. In addition, they often include items like benefits, salary, termination, and company policies. If you need assistance understanding your terms of employment, contact a California employment lawyer like The Law Office of John P. Martin.

Understanding Term of Employment

Whenever you are looking for a job, you should understand the benefits and responsibilities associated with your term of employment. All of this information must be provided to you at the time of hiring. The conditions of your employment are critical pieces of information because they include your responsibilities while working, the hours you work, any dress code, your starting salary, and any time off. In addition, the benefits you are given may include life insurance, health insurance, and retirement plans.

These terms may be agreed to in a verbal conversation; however, you should always sign a written contract with the information contained in it. It is essential to understand that if you are considered an at-will employee, an employer can change the terms at any time. Any of the terms, such as hours, salary, workplace, and more, can be changed.   Often, your terms of employment are laid out in a job description  provided  to you by your potential employer. Read the terms  carefully.  

It is always possible to have some bargaining power over the terms of employment. This is especially true if you are applying for an executive position or are in high demand. There are minimum terms of employment, which are set by the U.S. Department of Labor and/or the laws of California, which  are often more generous than federal law to employees. You always want to ensure that any job you accept gives you the minimum terms.

The minimum terms set by the State of California and/or the federal government include items like overtime, minimum wage, and mandated breaks with times. This information also covers the standard workweek and the number of days it includes. 

Other Conditions To Know

When you are employed in California, your employment is at will. When you are hired as an at-will employee, either you or your employer can terminate your employment at any time for just about any legal reason. Employment laws help protect employees from any type of discrimination, including religion, gender, and race and disability and/or sexual orientation.

In most companies, a contract promises some amount of job security for the entirety of the contract as long as there are no violations of the conditions contained within the contract. However, there are instances when that is not the case. In these situations, you may need a San Diego employment attorney.

It is also critical to understand that if you are part of a labor union, the at-will rule does not apply to you. The labor union is supposed  to protect your rights and all workers’ rights by negotiating employment conditions and benefits under what is called a  “collective bargaining” agreement. They also negotiate the terms of termination. So as a labor union employee, you have a set contract, and, usually you can’t be terminated at will.

Do You Need Legal Help From a San Diego Employment Attorney?

The Law Office of John P. Martin believes that every employee has a right to a work environment that is free of hostility and harassment. You should be able to go to work and perform your job duties as agreed upon with your terms of employment. Unfortunately, even when you have a contract, it is possible for your rights to be violated. There are many times when an employee’s rights are violated, and they do not know it or know  who  to  contact  if they believe they may have a case.

This is where we come in to help. We understand your needs and ensure that your rights are being upheld. 

If you feel you have been harassed, wrongfully fired in  , or in   any  way have your rights violated due to sex, gender, race, age, disability, or breach of contract, or invasion of privacy for example. We can handle any case regardless of your individual situation and assure you we will give it the personal attention it needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you with your case.